Day 151

Ryman us doing great. Pretty fussy today but ended the night great. Started formula last night and now has the NG tube out and is taking a bottle. Natalie came to visit while Jer went to Vegas for a show this weekend and we got to do some girly stuff, pedicure!, today. Tonight is my first night not staying at the hospital in over a month. Jeremy’s mom and Aunt Cathy are living on her tonight. All liver numbers are good and we are trucking along right now.
Love, B
Tubes out, puffy face :20130922-003101.jpg


6 thoughts on “Day 151

  1. So happy things are going so well! She is one tough “Little” cookie, I think The Lord has big plans for your sweet Ryman! Love & Prayers, Joanie Crawley

  2. Love the positive update, I know God will continue to watch over her and she’ll be heading home before long.
    Glad you got a little time to pamper yourself. Rye will benefit by that, and so will you! You and Jer have to take care of yourselves and can’t just sit by her side 24/7. LOVE AND PRAYERS

  3. So thankful the tubes are out, she is an absolute doll!!! Aliyah and I have been praying and checking on her daily!! Praying everything continues to go well, God has BIG plans for lil miss Ryman! Glad you got to get out and have some girl time, YOU NEEDED THAT!!!!! Sending our love, thoughts and prayers your way;)

  4. A wonderful site!!! So awesome that u have a network of loving people around u so that u can step out and take a breath!! U both need that!! Rye looks great!! Hoping this is a good day for all involved and especially baby Rye. Much love and prayers!!!

    RB & Tila Dunn

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