Day 156

Ryman just got a parade when we walked out of the transplant unit. The nurses got her a cape and sign it. Super baby! In true Ryman style she pulled out her NG tube right before we walked out the door. They taught us how to put it back in just in case it happens at home too. That also bought her another X-ray to make sure it was in the right place. She is sound asleep in the car. We have to stop and get a few more meds and then to Julie and Corey’s. Say some prayers for us! Going to be a chore getting in the routine of giving her 16 different medicines! She will not be on all of these forever but is going to keep us busy for the next 6 months. I’m sure we can come up with a creative way to organize it all. We have our first clinic visit on Monday so praying that things are go smoothly! Love you all.





13 thoughts on “Day 156

  1. What a Super Baby Indeed! Words can’t express our joy for you guys, and also our hopes for Rye over the nxt wks and months. We will keep praying and praising God for his wonderous Love! We want so badly to meet Princess Rye but don’t dard want to bring germs her way. Be prepared tho, cause when she is healthy enough for more visitors we will be planning some long awaited loving! You and Jer take care of each other and try not to overwhelm yourselves. You got a long road ahead, just take it one step at a time, hand in hand, and trusting God to lead the way! Love and Prayers….

  2. I love the Super Baby Cape! I am thrilled for you three and I will be praying for your adjustments. I know you will do a great job with the meds, etc! Love you three so much!!!

  3. Oh kiddos!!!! Tears r streaming down my face for u all three for this victorious moment. My service has been terrible and I missed yesterday’s update and now BAM! What wonderful news!!! RB is drilling wheat, yes we had moisture, but he will b so excited when he gets n. HOORAY!!! It’s OK to b nervous. I’m nervous for u and so stinking emotional!!! It will all b ok.!!! One step at a time. Those steps will then into routine. Just do what u do. Love each other, always express your feelings including your fears and most of all don’t doubt the Spirit talking to u. Don’t doubt yourself ever!!!! B at peace!
    RB & Tila Dunn

  4. Yay, going home is amazing!!! You guys will get into a routine sooner than you think and before you know it you will be able to do it all without even batting an eye. When Damien first came home from the NICU (when he was first born) he had an NG tube also and it came out ALOT. Of course, I was the only one able to place it again and it always happened at like 3 in the morning lol. What memories…as for everything else, rest easy and enjoy being out of the hospital. Everything will fall into place before you know it. Btw, we got a cape too though ours was red and blue. Love Georgetown!!!

  5. I work with Nicole and just wanted to let you know my 4 yr old (Stella) has been praying for baby Ryman every night so we were do happy to see everything is going well! Stella loved the superman cape šŸ™‚ Stella’s baby sister Jacqueline turned 5 months on September 22. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. We will continue to pray!

  6. So glad I got to meet you. I hope you will keep in touch with Katie. Ryman looks great. Not surprising that she pulled the NG tube out. These little transplant girls are feisty, that God. I remember how overwhelmed Katie and Ian were with all the meds Luca had to get. It just gets better with time. You will remain in our prayers always.

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