Day 158 – Mischievous Ryman

Someone was mischievous at 4am and pulled out her NG tube. I mean, all the way out! She was crying so I got up to check on her and she had the entire thing balled up in her hand. It was a struggle to get the last two feeds completely in her but I really don’t want to have to put that thing back down her nose myself. I know Jeremy and I can do it if we have to but I am really hoping she decides that today is the day she is going to start eating everything we give her! Say a little prayer :).
Love, B & the Mischievous Ryman



3 thoughts on “Day 158 – Mischievous Ryman

  1. What a little nugget! Seems like she is doing well and praying she will eat for ya! I wouldn’t want that old NG tube either- poor gal 😉

  2. Hey y’all!!

    While our girl’s antics r absolutely precious, we know that it brings much anxiousness about the eating aspect. Clare was a tough baby for me and while we went thru nothing compared to what u three have faced, she went thru many “nursing strikes”. Why, I have no idea. She would go for 3 days with virtually no consumption. Of course my Dr said that if she didn’t resume normal eating we would take a course such as u do with Rye. She always went back to eating n the nick of time but it was horrible for me as her Mom to watch. I made myself a nervous wreck and her too!!! Ur all doing great and u trust ur team of Dr’s. We pray that she is adjusting to all and eating normally. She’s been thru so much and continues to thrive. Who no’s what she’s thinking as we never did Miss Clare. But u both no that she certainly got on the other side of it. I believe our little Miss Rye will as well. A lot of adjustment for such a tiny one and much for u both as first time parents. Believe n ur tomorrows and Rye’s purpose. Keep breathing and getting used to this routine for this time. A new one awaits u. As for everyone that lives past yesterday. Ur all three amazing and we r blessed to have ur presence n our lives. Our best and prayers for the clinic visit tomorrow!!!
    RB & Tila Dunn

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