Day 160 – update

No luck getting a vein today. Poor daddy had to hold her while they tried to get one. We ended up doing a finger stick to get the two most important ones and are going to try again on Thursday. If they still cannot get one we will talk about placing a PICC line or Broviac. The labs we did get were great. Some of her liver numbers normal, one was a little elevated but it is the one that usually takes the longest to level out. Her Prograf Level was really high so we are holding the doses for tonight and tomorrow morning. We will resume tomorrow night with a lower dose. Thank you for the prayers and hoping we are able to get some blood on Thursday and do not need a line!




2 thoughts on “Day 160 – update

  1. Oh Poor Daddy, I know that just makes you feel so bad. … But it has to be done and believe me, she’ll forget about it LONG before you will. Just always hug her up and rock her afterwards, she’ll calm down and absorb your Daddy Love! And Brandy you hug Jer and he’ll calm down and feel your Mommy Love, lol. You guys are doing great things, not just for Ry-Rye but for so many others who are following your journey. We love you so much and will keep praying and watching Gods work!

  2. So tough for Daddy and Mommy. Thanks for your updates because it helps us to know how to pray. You three are amazing! I love you.

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