Closing out a chapter

To say that the last 6 months have been difficult would be a huge understatement. I went back today and read a bunch of the really early post and cried like a baby. If we only knew what was ahead of us. I would not wish this kind of experience on anyone but it’s changed my life. 4 hospitals, 5 ambulance rides, 2 planes, 109 days in the hospital, 2 livers transplants, a ton of amazing doctors and nurses and a community of people taking care of us. Looking at that, all I see is miracles. It’s a miracle that all of this started with an amazing nurse named Wendlyn and a NICU doctor named Costner. We have seen first hand what CPS1 can do to a child and how fast it can do it. Ryman shows NO signs of long term damage. MIRACLE!!! This whole story is filled with the impossibles.

I remember sitting in Vanderbilt and feeling confident on how this story ended. I believed that God was about to take us on a crazy ride and knowing that when it ended we would be able to see the WHY in the question. To be on this side of it and to see how many lives this little girl has changed was the reason. I wish I could tell you every single story that was shared with us. Everyone of them is overwhelming. We thank y’all for sharing them. They fueled us through this journey and reminded us that bigger things were happening. Feel free to email me your story. I’d love to have em for Rye when she gets older.

Having the best community ever!!!!
We arrived at home to a clean house, yard taken care of, groceries, nursery decorated with a flashing sign, flowers, new outfits for Rye, diapers, formula, dinners, and 2 clean happy pugs. You have no clue how much those pugs were missed. What amazing friends we have. We knew that before Rye and y’all have continually blown us away.

We are really excited to have started what feels like the next chapter. Today was the 2 month anniversary of Ryman’s first transplant. So amazing!









We are so sorry about the delay in posting that we were home.
Getting home was so much busier than we could have imagined.
Post to come later today!
Love – B

6 month bday

I can’t believe today Rye is 6 months old. Somehow the last 184 days have flown by. To celebrate it we are gonna take us a little 12 hour drive. YEP. We are coming home Nashville. I can’t begin to describe the emotions we feel. We could not have done this chapter of our lives without y’all. Brandy and Rye haven’t been home in 96 days. That just crazy to me. We’ll keep ya posted today while we drive

Thanks again for the support.




Day 181 update

Sorry it has taken so long to post. Ryman’s labs were so great. Feeling so extremely blessed tonight. The benefit in my hometown was so great. A big thank you to Leslie, to everyone who participated and attended. We had a great clinic visit with Dr. Kaufman today, fun family time afterwards and had an amazing Snyttle’s dinner. Dr. Kaufman was so great today. He seems very surprised at how well Ryman is doing with having spent so much time in the hospital. He said that if he had just walked in and didn’t know he wouldn’t think she had spent a day in the hospital or a day on the ventilator. Which is so amazing and is so good to hear a doctor say. I know that is GOD speaking so clearly to us. “How could you ever doubt me?”

Ryman’s new favorite thing to do other than smacking and popping her lips like a little fish. Stretches!



Day 176

Ryman has been so sweet today. I love when she wants to just hang out and not cry.. Haha. Jeremy left this morning to go do a few shows out of town. Why is it that very time he leaves I think its a good thing because I am about to kick his butt and he is gone for 10 minutes and I miss him? I think he probably feels the same. I haven’t had to leave Rye for more than a few hours so I can not imagine how he feels about that, I know he isn’t fond of it. Really feeling blessed that AMEC has been so great and has allowed me to stay by Ryman’s side through this. I couldn’t have a better job!
I have mentioned the benefit in my hometown and the GoFundMe page before but I wanted to mention them again. First I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated to the GoFundMe site ( It has blown us away at how many people have helped. Second, I want to say thank you to Leslie West for putting so much work and time into putting on the benefit in my hometown. The Cruise in for Little benefit is a car show and silent auction. The Trust For Life organization will have a both set up as well to promote organ donation, stop by and make sure you are on the registry. Also, they are still accepting items for the auction if anyone is interested in donating. You can find out more at\Love4Little.
They also have Love4Little bracelets that you can message Leslie about if you are interested in those. Yes, she already has her own jewelry line!

We love you all and I hope you have a great weekend. I will try to update with some fun pictures this weekend since hopefully it’s going to be low key here. Clinic on Monday, staples coming out then!