Day 161 – children

Jeremy, Ryman and I would like to say thank you to Ms. Halloway’s class for the sweet cards they sent us. We loved seeing life through the eyes of eight year olds! Made us smile, laugh & cry. Wanted to share some of them with you guys!
Ryman is doing great. She is up to eating 120-150ml every 4 hours now and we are starting to have a system in place for all the medicines. Jeremy ordered a bunch of syringes and measured out everything for the week! He put in over two hours and some help from Julie but it will save us so much time each day. If any transplant parents need some advice on where to get the syringes just let us know. Jeremy got an amazing deal. We even got in another walk yesterday and Aunt Julie got to carry Rye around, Rye loved it!
Its is so strange how quickly you get back into the ‘normal’ life feeling. There are times I forget for a second that Ryman just has two liver transplants. I guess that is a good thing. I keep feeling clarity and day dreaming about what it will be like at home. I picture Ryman when she is 2 and running around! I can’t wait. Thank you for your prayers for Jeremy and I. I know that we have those moments because God is allowing us to give out worries to him and he is showing us that doing so will give us so much joy. We are so lucky to have each and very day with her and not living in fear is making those days so grand. We love you guys!
Ryman being a big girl at the dinner table:

Aunt Julie and a Rye on a walk:

Medicine Organization:

Yeah, I’m cute:

Cards from Ms. Kim Halloway’s class:




















4 thoughts on “Day 161 – children

  1. Those cards are so sweet!!! But not as sweet as that sweet Ryman’s smile!! Continued prayers for you guys! Hope the labs go well Thursday!! I love the updates!!
    Lots of love,
    Jon, Rachel, & Caroline Givens

  2. Hey you old pros!

    Look at you guys getting a routine and sailing! We are so proud of you two being a great couple who have turned into stupendous parents! So wonderful for the good news of our little Miss’s appetite! How reassuring that is for you both and for Ryman’s inner peace to grow and heal. There just isn’t much left to say after reading the perfect words from the children. They are right on the money and so heartfelt. What soothing words and from such endearing hearts. Have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow with that beautiful Ryman Ali Little.

    RB and Tila Dunn

  3. Love the cards from the children’s cards. Children just say what they think-so sweet. Glad to see the smile on Ryman’s face. You can tell she is enjoying her freedom.

  4. So happy you guys are getting to enjoy your angel outside of the hospital and expriencing some ”normal” baby stuff. Keep daydreaming Brandy, it will be reality soon. Babies turn into toddlers that turn into preschoolers that become teenagers before you know it! Life goes so fast, we should all slow down and cherish each day not what it brings. God bless you 3 and Corey and Julie, we send love and prayers everyday!

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