Day 162

Clinic in the morning. Big prayers that they are successful getting blood from a vein this time and that all numbers are good.


4 thoughts on “Day 162

  1. Sending prayers this morning that the clinic visit goes well and that Rye kicks butt with great numbers all around!
    She looks so amazing in her latest pictures, and Mommy and Daddy look a little less stressed…. So wonderful to see you all finally getting the chance to enjoy some family time.
    That little nugget is so blessed to have such dedicated loving parents and I know that you and Jer feel so blessed to be her parents. Lots of Love and Prayers coming your way!

  2. Lord, Precious Ryman belongs to You- We ask for a great visit and grace and Peace! This is the Day YOU have made! We will Rejoice and be Glad in it! We will give Glory to your Name Forever!

  3. Jeremy, Brandy, and Ryman – I’m so glad to hear that things are going well for y’all! We miss y’all over in the PICU but that’s a good thing I guess! It’s so great to read about Miss Ryman’s progress. I’ll update the other PICU nurses who work with y’all over there. Love and hugs!

  4. Hey u three!

    We are praying for all to go well with Ryman tomorrow at the clinic visit. We ask the Lord give all of peace and comfort as you await and anticipate this visit. Hope you have a good night, rest well, and hit the ground running in the morning towards a good day and great report.

    RB and Tila Dunn

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