Day 164 – Reunited

We just left Children’s National and it felt so weird to be back there but good. As weird as that sounds. We decided to ask Georgetown if we could start doing blood draws at Children’s because we had faith that they could get blood better than the lab at Georgetown. Plus we would get to visit with the genetics team and the nurses in 7 East. Dr. Lanpher, Dr. Cusmano, Dr. MacLeod, Dr. Fraser, Rachel, Chris, Sarah and Kiera all came to visit while we were at Georgetown so we miss getting to see them. Laura, who was the medical student who escorted us to Georgetown the day of the transplant, came to visit at Julie and Corey’s yesterday. She brought some amazing gifts for Ryman and was even sporting her Love4Little bracelet. Simply amazing. When we think about how much these folks love Ryman it makes our hearts so happy. We truly couldn’t ask for a better medical team. We love them all and I am not just saying that because you are reading this. We really really love you guys! We had faith and today Cynthia got the blood we needed with one stick! One stick that resulted in lab readings of a completely normal liver. For the liver Momma’s, Ryman’s liver function numbers were: AST 28, ALT 34, Direct Bili >0.1. That’s normal! We are going back to Children’s for labs on Monday and then to Georgetown afterwards for the checkup.
Thank you all for the prayers of a good clinic. We didn’t get what we needed yesterday and it was a rough evening with a fussy baby but today is a new day. Thank God for that. What a great day it is!
Laura and Rye:

Dr. Cusmano feeding Ryman REGULAR formula after Cynthia saved the day:

Ryman who likes sticking her tongue out now:

With dad before getting stuck and screaming for 40 mins yesterday, it was not fun. Everyone awed and almost applauded as we walked out of the clinic.

Big girl:



4 thoughts on “Day 164 – Reunited

  1. I love her expression in the first picture with Laura! What a cutie pie! And a big YAY for one stick and NORMAL #’s!!! What wonderful news!

  2. PRAISE YOU LORD! What beautiful amazing fantastic news, we are so so so happy, What an Awesome God we have! Our prayers will continue for Rye and both you and Jeremy, not just today or tomorrow but Forever. We are knowing that you guys are going to start enjoying LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Can’t wait to see her crawling, walking , talking….. You have so much ahead and Sweety it is just amazing.
    To all the nurses, drs, aids or staff who have been there for B, J and R …. Thank you so very much and May God give you lifes greatest blessing! Please except our love and appreciation for going beyond doing a job. There will be many jewels in your Heavenly crowns for the love you have shared with the families you’ve touched while on this Earth.
    Those pics are priceless! That tongue tells me that someone is about to get her first tooth! Love you guys so much. Give that Butt kicking little nugget a great big, but gentle, squeeze for me….

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