Day 167 – Long Lab Day

How do you make a clinic visit take all day. Elevated liver numbers. Rye’s numbers were double what they were on Friday. Not terrible but definitely concerning. Her ALT and AST were elevated but her GGT actually got better. Everything else was still great. Due to the elevated numbers the team decided to send her for an Ultrasound just to make sure there were not any clots given her history. Good news is all veins are open and flow is great. So we are still unsure of why they are higher than last week. Other reasons include something viral, infection, CMV/EBV or rejection. We lowered her Prograf (anti-rejection med) on Friday so if that comes back low we will adjust and recheck labs on Thursday. If it is still high or In normal range we will repeat labs on Wednesday to keep a close watch on her. Prayers that this is just something small and with time or medication adjustment they return to normal. She was so good today and did amazing during the blood draw and ultrasound. Cynthia threw in the white flag and had to have Albert come try for the vein. Albert is ex-navy and has been drawing blood for years. First try and he had it! Ryman just needed the two best in the room before she would give up any blood! We also got to visit with Dr. Lanpher today! All in all, it was a long day and we are pretty tired. Dad was even trying to nap while Rye was learning how to do an ultrasound. She is definitely going to do something in the medical profession!







4 thoughts on “Day 167 – Long Lab Day

  1. What a cutie! Agreed about Albert! He is wonderful and was always our go-to guy! Hope those numbers settle down soon!

  2. Sounds like an exhausting day, atleast you get to go home instead of back to a hospital room. Tell Jeremy he looks like a new daddy, lol. Praying that Baby Girls numbers level out guickly! She sure is adorable and has so much personality that it shows thru her pics. That pain chart needs some changes, cause I didn’t see that face listed. And I want to know what she overheard to make her look so wide eyed, that’s to darn cute.

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