Day 170 – Numbers update

Not admitted! Her AST was down to 62 and the ALT was the same. Continuing higher doses of meds and rechecking tomorrow. Praying they continue to improve. Starting antibiotics as well. She has been in a much better mood today but praying the Roid Rage is not as made tonight. Prayers for Julie and Corey who are dealing with us and a screaming baby. Plans for a line on Monday but if it goes smoothly we will not be admitted. She will recover there for a few hours and then we will be on our way with a little girl who will not have to be stuck for blood!



7 thoughts on “Day 170 – Numbers update

  1. How adorable she is! I see she has as much hair as her momma did at that age, lol. Was looking thru pictures the other day and found several of you (Brandy) that look so much like Ryman.
    So happy that her numbers were better and praying what ever infection is in her system is knocked out qiuckly! Hopefully they get her line in Monday and it doesn’t aggravate her much. Would be great to give her little veins a rest.
    You guys have a great wknd and know that our prayer and thoughts are there with you. As well as Corey and Julie, once again thank you guys for being there for B,J and R…..

  2. Enjoying having Laura, Jarrod, & the boys here for a visit…& all of us are rejoicing that the numbers are better today! Know that getting the “line” isn’t always without its problems but so glad Rye (& you both!) will get a rest from needles. Know that we’re all praying for you & love the photos!

  3. First off! Corey and Julie, what abounding people you are!!! We don’t know or understand the dynamics of family and friend you are to our three precious loved ones, but from this couple that have fallen in love with them and pray for them daily, we say THANKS from the bottom of our hearts and pray that the seed that you have sown into this precious family reaps you a harvest that abounds so much that it spills over into your lives unexplained! We thank you for your generous hearts and patience with a baby that is struggling with every ounce of her being to get past this current day. Thanks for being there for Jeremy and Brandy as they need this place of grounding for Ryman on to the next stage. What a wonderful couple you are. We hope our paths cross some day, if not, WOW, what a sacrifice and an offering! Greatful for the stable reports today, and thankful for the line coming for Ryman. Will be a healing process. Will take much stress for all out of the visits for testing. Much LOVE! REST! Praying for SWEET REST for Ryman!
    RB & Tila Dunn

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