Day 174

Thanking God that Ryman’s liver numbers are back within normal ranges! We just did a heel stick today and we are getting a full set of labs after the PICC line placement tomorrow morning. We go for the line at 7:30am tomorrow. There are many meds that she may be able to come off of if numbers look good tomorrow. Praying that will happen, fewer meds to force down her. Most if them are pretty easy now and we can out them in her formula. However, her new antibiotic is a different story. She will not take her entire bottle if we put it in there, we learned the hard way. So we have to use a syringe and hope that she doesn’t cheek it and spit it out, which she is very good at doing. She is growing so fast and getting so smart. I love watching her take in every thing around her. She enjoyed playing a game last night too.




4 thoughts on “Day 174

  1. We’re honored to be a part of your “framily” & are so thankful for the GREAT numbers today…& the prospect of less meds. Praying every day for you all!

  2. My daughter would lightly blow in my granddaughters face immediately after squirting meds in her mouth and it would cause her to swallow it quickly. You might try it if she tends to spit it out.

  3. Okay, let me show my mammawness, lol, try letting her suck on a dumdum sucker, then squart the meds in and stick the dumdum back in. . . I know if she has to have them multiple times a day that may not be ideal, but it’s better than not getting lifesaving meds.
    Prayers continue for Rye, that she just grow and shine and began to crawl and destory everything in her path. I want you guys to enjoy EVERY thing that being a mommy and daddy brings with it! LOVE LOVE LOVE you all.

  4. Jeremy, I just realized that with your ink, each time you cross your arms, you hold Brandy and Rye close to your heart. Such a sweet thought. Maybe that can be a comfort when you have to be away from them!

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