Day 175

PICC was placed! Labs were drawn by our amazing team at Children’s. A huge thanks goes to Kristina for setting this up and orchestrating this in such a short amount of time. Sarah was able to get labs drawn from the picc today that told us some amazing news. Ryman’s liver numbers are back in the normal ranges! We are praising God that they are normal and she is back on track. We didn’t get to come off of any meds today but that is completely fine. As long as her numbers look great I will give her as many meds as they give us. The morning started pretty rough. Ryman woke up at 5:15am starving and I couldn’t give her anything since she was NPO for the surgery. This was not a fun way to start the day. Jeremy and her were in the car by 5:45 waiting for me to finish getting ready so Julie and Corey didn’t have to listen to her screaming. Other than that the rest of the morning went great. Once we were moving in the car Bubble Guppies were able to keep her mind off of how hungry she was. The PICC team did am amazing job and had her line in and moved her to recovery within an hour. We had a little issue getting the line to draw for labs but if we flush it forcefully and tilt her onto her side a bit it works. I can deal with some tinkering if it means we do not have to stick her.

I didn’t realize this had posted before I got to check grammar! Sorry!


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