Day 181 update

Sorry it has taken so long to post. Ryman’s labs were so great. Feeling so extremely blessed tonight. The benefit in my hometown was so great. A big thank you to Leslie, to everyone who participated and attended. We had a great clinic visit with Dr. Kaufman today, fun family time afterwards and had an amazing Snyttle’s dinner. Dr. Kaufman was so great today. He seems very surprised at how well Ryman is doing with having spent so much time in the hospital. He said that if he had just walked in and didn’t know he wouldn’t think she had spent a day in the hospital or a day on the ventilator. Which is so amazing and is so good to hear a doctor say. I know that is GOD speaking so clearly to us. “How could you ever doubt me?”

Ryman’s new favorite thing to do other than smacking and popping her lips like a little fish. Stretches!



5 thoughts on “Day 181 update

  1. Our office has spent all day with trust for life. We got to hear amazing stories from organ donor recipients and a donor mom. Amazing stories. Ryman is amazing and you all will have a great story to tell. God is good and I thank him for his healing power. God bless you all

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