Closing out a chapter

To say that the last 6 months have been difficult would be a huge understatement. I went back today and read a bunch of the really early post and cried like a baby. If we only knew what was ahead of us. I would not wish this kind of experience on anyone but it’s changed my life. 4 hospitals, 5 ambulance rides, 2 planes, 109 days in the hospital, 2 livers transplants, a ton of amazing doctors and nurses and a community of people taking care of us. Looking at that, all I see is miracles. It’s a miracle that all of this started with an amazing nurse named Wendlyn and a NICU doctor named Costner. We have seen first hand what CPS1 can do to a child and how fast it can do it. Ryman shows NO signs of long term damage. MIRACLE!!! This whole story is filled with the impossibles.

I remember sitting in Vanderbilt and feeling confident on how this story ended. I believed that God was about to take us on a crazy ride and knowing that when it ended we would be able to see the WHY in the question. To be on this side of it and to see how many lives this little girl has changed was the reason. I wish I could tell you every single story that was shared with us. Everyone of them is overwhelming. We thank y’all for sharing them. They fueled us through this journey and reminded us that bigger things were happening. Feel free to email me your story. I’d love to have em for Rye when she gets older.

Having the best community ever!!!!
We arrived at home to a clean house, yard taken care of, groceries, nursery decorated with a flashing sign, flowers, new outfits for Rye, diapers, formula, dinners, and 2 clean happy pugs. You have no clue how much those pugs were missed. What amazing friends we have. We knew that before Rye and y’all have continually blown us away.

We are really excited to have started what feels like the next chapter. Today was the 2 month anniversary of Ryman’s first transplant. So amazing!








8 thoughts on “Closing out a chapter

  1. This little doll is a perfect MIRACLE from God. I’m so glad He gave you all to her to be her parents. He makes no mistakes!!

  2. What a sweet angel! Glad she’s doing well, Brandy! Love the costume. That’s what my niece Shelby was for her first Halloween a calf 🙂

  3. I am so thankful that you posted this website and have updated throughout this journey . I personally will miss the stories and pictures, and feel sure many others will too. May you continue Ryman’s story some way, so as she grows up others will know her, and find strength, faith, and hope to face their life’s journey. I am blessed to be her great grandmother, and will find joy watching her grow up. My heart is full of joy! Prayers, and love for you the parent’s , and praise to our Lord, and Savior for the past miracles, and the miracles that will continue.

  4. Our Lord in Heaven and Perfect Above! We haven’t missed a single post, just been reading and soaking in the journey and taking in the words of encouragement from your lives into our own how miraculous our Father in Heaven is to all of us unto our perfect time and plan. All we can say at this moment through much emotion and bliss! WELCOME HOME J, B, & R

    All our Love and continued Prayers for Rye, for the encouragement you lend and offer to all!

    RB and Tila Dunn

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and giving us the privilege to be a part of it with prays for you all.

  6. I have followed along the entire way as part of your Cross Point family, but I have never commented until now – so thankful your precious baby girl is the mircale she is. You both have let Jesus shine right through you in this blog, even in the hardest of times. Ryman isn’t the only miracle – I would say you all are.

  7. It has been such a blessing to follow Rye’s journey each step of the way and to witness Gods miracle! It’s difficult not being able to be there, to comfort someone you love when they are in a low spot. Being able to post words of hope to let you know that we were praying each day has given my heart peace. We love you guys so very much and Ryman is just a little princess baby! We cannot wait to meet her and finally get our hands on her. Thank you so much for sharing with us , your story and your faith has strengthened us all.

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