Hospital Day 110

Well the count has started back. Tonight will be the 110th night that Ryman will sleep in the hospital. She is okay but she has been having blood in her stool and she hasn’t had much of an appetite for a couple days now. So something to be concerned about. All blood cultures and stool samples have been negative for everything they have checked for. No viruses or GI bugs, no CMV or EBV. Since this has been happening for a few days they want to admit her to try to get her on the schedule for a scope tomorrow or Friday. They will do a biopsy and this should tell us what is causing the blood and hopefully her decreased appetite. Prayers that it is just a food allergy or something that can easily be treated. Love you all.





3 thoughts on “Hospital Day 110

  1. We are praying for Ryman that this is only a little set-back and that tests will show no major issues. God can and will heal this issue too!!

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