Day 197

Today has been pretty normal, is it weird that hanging out in the hospital seems normal? Ryman has been pretty tired from staying up late and then not wanting to nap today. She has a pretty bad rash in her bottom that they think is related to what ever is causing the blood. She had more blood today so I am ready for this scope and hopefully an answer to what is causing it. She is on the schedule for 1pm tomorrow. She is having to take just Pedyalite and Miralax to clean out her system. Poor girl doesn’t have much anyway so she is probably going to feel so hungry tomorrow morning. Wish me good luck. Last time Jeremy ran to the car with her while she screamed, this time I will have no where to run. Hoping I can keep her entertained until 1pm. We haven’t gotten a definitive answer when we ask if we will have to stay tomorrow night as well. I’m guessing a lot depends on the results.
Thank you all so much for the prayers and continued love and support. Being in the hospital isn’t as nearly as bad when home is only a few miles away.
Just because your in the hospital doesn’t mean you can’t look cute!




Auntie Laura & Auntie Megan visited today:




3 thoughts on “Day 197

  1. She’s quite the fashion trend setter for the pediatric set
    She looks precious in everything you select for her! Glad y’all are
    home. Prayers continue to surround you all
    Melissa’s Aunt Judy

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