Day 198

It’s been a long day so far. Ryman had to wake up every hour until 4am to eat an ounce of Pedialyte and half a pack of Miralax. She did so great this morning though. Woke up happy and visited with Laura and Shannon who stopped by to help calm what we thought would be a fussy baby. She was suppose to go back at 1pm but at 3 they were just taking her back. That’s 11 hours with nothing in her tummy. She want happy for about an hour but was pretty entertained by the walk down to PACU and the nurses who were awing over her. Everyone loved those cheeks. Jeremy got to come over on his lunch break to hang out too. She should be about half way through the procedure now. I’ll update when we know something. All cultures are still no growth. They are doing an upper and lower scope and will take pictures that I will get to see. Pretty crazy. Love you all. Thanks for the prayers, Ryman was definitely not the crazy starving baby I thought she would be. That one hour if crying made me stop and say a prayer for all those parents and children out there who are hungry. I get to feed Ryman when all this is over. There are so many who have to listen to their children cry of hunger for days, weeks, or even longer. Please stop and say a prayer if you can. It’s such a horrible feeling to listen to your baby cry because they are hungry so I can not imagine if that was because I had no food to give her.





One thought on “Day 198

  1. I’m glad she did better than expected- sorry she has to go through it all. đŸ˜¦ I hope it provides an answer although from the other quick update afterwards it doesn’t seem as though it is. She is such a doll and I LOVE all the pictures! Prayers for y’all and for all the folks out there who are hungry because they don’t have anything to eat.

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