Day 205

Ryman has been on soy formula since Saturday night and there has been no issue with her tummy or stools. The biopsy was really inconclusive, it did rule out some things but the only thing present were allergy cells. I’m praying that the soy formula has fixed that. We will start reintroducing baby foods on Sunday and will so one at a time to eliminate any food allergies.
You can obviously tell by the lack of post that day to day life is returning to a more normal state. Or we are at least getting into a state of living where drastic things aren’t happening and I do not feel the urge to ask for prayers as much. This doesn’t mean we don’t need them. I think we are just getting more comfortable. I stay pretty busy with working from home and balancing all of Ryman’s feeds and medications. She is still on 15 different ones right now. Big news is that this is her last week on her steroid if her numbers are good on Tuesday! Hoping she is a much happier baby off of them.







3 thoughts on “Day 205

  1. Fabulous news. So glad things are smoothing out for you three. Love you & still praying. HUGS, Nanny Pat & papa Lester xoxo

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