Day 210

Ryman had labs yesterday and they were so good that she got to come off of the steroid, nystatin and Zantac! Yay, for 3 fewer meds. She has been babbling like crazy and from time to time you’ll hear a mama or baba. Love listening to her babbles. She has definitely been a little less fussy with the less steroids so I am hoping we see a difference in stopping them. I got to go to Chattanooga this last weekend and Ryman got to meet her great great grandma Joyce. It was so good to get to introduce them and see that many generations. We are starting to get closer and closer to Ryman being able to be around other children. We have been a little more adventurous lately and have taken her with us to dinner, IN PUBLIC. She loves looking around at everything and refuses to sleep if we are out if the house.
She is growing so fast. It really does go by too quickly. She will be 7 months old in just a few short days. We have learn so much from her already and I can’t wait to experience the many lessons she will give us in the years to come.
Also I haven’t had a chance to mention yet but Julie had to have surgery and is still recovering. Please pray that she has a speedy recovery. She had a major surgery that was unexpected and has had a few bumps in the road during her recovery. It was so hard not to be there with them. We love you guys.
We are so thankful for the days that are becoming a more manageable life. The craziness is getting less and less. We know there will be more craziness to come but in a weird way we thank God for even getting to experience the craziness. Jeremy is out with Danielle Bradbury on the Brad Paisley tour and he said that Brad’s song ‘Beat this summer’ makes him want to cry. But he really doesn’t think anything will be able to beat how amazing this summer was. There were lots of trials but oh how we have grown through it. We have been able to have so much time with Ryman and were able to be there every step of the way. There were far more laughs, prayers, rejoicing and moments with God than tears or anger this summer. We were introduced to the little girl who has changed us forever. We are stronger, we love harder and we thank God that he has been so faithful. He has shown us that even your greatest fears can become blessings.
I have felt the power of prayer which I may have never known. They covers us is love and allowed GOD to shine through out little girl and through the two children who are Ryman’s donor angels.







Had to throw this one in because I am so proud if Jeremy but I know how tough it is for him to be away from Ryman. Love you babe!


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