Day 225

I think I spoke too soon on Thanksgiving about being home and Ryman almost sent us to the ER.
She threw up on Thanksgiving night and then twice the following day. We ended up being able to get into the pediatricians office instead of having to go to the ER.
We are pretty sure that she was just having reflux due to stopping the Zantac the week before.
Which may explain some of the fussiness. She is also still teething, or at least we are pretty sure she is.
It is so hard to tell but after feeling of her gums every day for the last two weeks I am almost definite that something is going on because they feel different.
She has been back on the Zantac (a double dose actually) since Friday and seems to be doing much better.
Ryman’s labs were great this week. Her prograf level was higher than what they would like so we lowered the does and are going to get it rechecked next week.
We made the decision to keep the picc line until next week so she doesn’t have to get stuck for a blood draw next week.
If everything is good next week she should be able to start only getting blood draws every other week. Which would be amazing!
We have slowly started to take Rye out more and started introducing her to other kiddos. She is very curious of these things that are more her size. We can’t wait until we can be out and about and not have to guard off old ladies who want to squeeze her cheeks.
So Thanksgiving was definitely a day of events but we were able to go to bed saying, let’s just see how she is tomorrow. No sense of urgency, no worries to big not to go to sleep and no worries of climbing ammonia levels. Prior to transplant I’m pretty sure we would have spent that night in the ER. God is so good!
God is so good.
She put herself to sleep jumping!

Dad and a Rye:


Ryman & Friends (missing a few so send them our way if you have pics :)):






3 thoughts on “Day 225

  1. Thanks for sharing the update…. And the pictures! I have a favorite …. Of course….. Our little girls checking out each other! God is so good! Love you all.

  2. It’s so great to see her getting to enjoy other little ones, although I am sure it’s a bit scary for you. Hopefully someday you can wipe her snotty noses and just send her off to join the other germy toddlers, lol. We got so tickled and Thanksgiving because poor Lyndsey was the only baby girl amongst a herd of little boys. Wish Ryman could have been there! We love you guys and pray that life remains calm and peaceful. Give Rye some love for me and tell Jer congrats on his gig with Danielle, that’s awesome! And how’s Julie doing? Prayers for her daily….

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