Day 234

This was such a good week for Ryman. She has been so much happier since starting the Zantac back and she is growing so fast. She rolled over on her own for the first time on Thursday. I got so excited I think I scared her. She also decided to eat a whole jar of carrots. Since it was a day of first I decided to try to give her a puff, if your on Facebook you have probably seen the epic response to that puff. She was not a fan. On Thursday her picc line was also removed. Labs have been great so we go back next week and then we start every other week. Just feeling so blessed that she has been doing so well and getting so excited for her first Christmas. We are headed to Chattanooga to drop Ryman off with Jeremy’s parents. We are on our was to Chattanooga and then off to Atlanta for the night. Very excited for a getaway night with Jeremy.








3 thoughts on “Day 234

  1. God has surely blessed your family with this little doll. We pray for a wonderful Christmas for all of you!! Keep on keeping on!!

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