Day 245 – Merry Christmas

We had the best Christmas present this year, Ryman was home with us! When we were waiting for transplant we were not sure we would be home with her for Christmas. We feel beyond blessed for this, I never want to take for granted how lucky we are to be here with her and not in the hospital or not to have her at all. We have received many cards and gifts and continued prayers. We feel them every day. Yesterday Ryman turned 8 months old, the 18th was three months since the second transplant and everyday we still feel the prayers for her and for us. Thank you to everyone, we hope your Christmas was just as blessed. So much love! -The Little’s

Merry Christmas!





2 thoughts on “Day 245 – Merry Christmas

  1. Love these pictures. Ryman must be having a ball. She looks so happy. Merry Christmas to you all & a very blessed & healthy new year. Love you, nanny & Papa xoxo

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  2. Ryman is a beautiful little doll. So glad you had a marvelous, healthy Christmas with her. May you be blessed with a lifetime full of love for each other.

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