Stuffed Animals!

I wanted to share the many stuffed animals that Ryman has gotten during this time. The picture below are the stuffed animals that she received from doctors and nurses. She recieved many others but I think its so amazing that this many came from doctors and nurses. Two owls from Dr. Fraizer, a Children’s Hospital bear from Dr. Cuzmano, a Barcelona bear from Dr. MacLeod that she got while at the genetics conference in Barcelona, a jelly cat bunny from Laura who was the genetics student who spent the first liver call day with us, a bear from the transplant nurses at Georgetown, a walrus from Chris, one of our favorite nurses at Children’s and her first one, the Ecmo lamb. Ecmo (yes, we named him Ecmo) was given to Ryman since she was an Ecmo patient, he has been with her every day and even sleeps in her crib with her, keeping an eye on her always. So thankful for all the love she received from those who cared for her medically. We know they are more than just doctors and nurses, they will always be a part of our lives and we are so grateful that Ryman was cared for by people who loved and cared for her so deeply. We love you guys and miss you!



Day 275

We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has watched the YouTube video or downloaded Ryman’s Song on iTunes. Even just sharing with friends and family, the video has over 10,000 views! Amazing! I hope that The Ryman Project has brought some awareness to the importance of organ donation. If you are not currently an organ donor then please consider registering.
You can do so at, it has links to each states registry.
I think about Ryman’s donor angels so much and about the families who made the decision to give life. Without it I am not sure Ryman would be with us today.
If you haven’t gotten a chance to go watch the video or download the song if you would like to you can do so at:

The SONG is available to download on CD Baby or iTunes:








Day 268

Ryman is growing so fast. Sometimes I stop and think, did she really have two liver transplants. In two days she will be 4 months post her second transplant. Four months isn’t that long ago so how does it already feel like a different life. I think God designed us in a way that we can go through something tramatic and just a few days, weeks, months later we are back to living life.
We grow, we change and we continue living. I remember thinking about it while a few of my friends were going through loosing their houses in the flood. I would get on twitter and facebook and everyone one was still living thier lives, I felt that way during Ryman’s journey too. It made me feel wierd to know that the world doesn’t stop just because you are going through something life changing. But our family, friends and so many more did stop and think of us.
Life changing moments happen everyday for everyone, it’s every decision we make. Not only can your decisions change your life but they change those you encounter. Who would have thought that a decision a doctor made a decade ago to go to Vanderbilt for his training gave him the skills to know what Ryman’s symptoms were.
Or that friends simply saying, stay another night at the hospital if you can and get some sleep would mean that we ask to stay and because of that Ryman got the nurse and doctor she did.
I am sure I am not the only one to think about things like this. The decision to change my major to Geology at almost the end of my 4th year in college lead me to meet a friend who later got me the job in Nashville where I decided to go hang out after work and met Jeremy.
It gives me chills sometimes to think about the smallest decision to go back to Red Door that night because my clothes fit the atmosphere better lead me to meet Jeremy.
God has definitly been more visable to me in the past 8 1/2 months but he has been in those smallest decisions guiding me. What feels like small decisions can be life changing, that’s almost scary to think.
Even though the worrld doesn’t stop, there have been so many of you who have stopped and prayed, called, text, visited, and just plain loved us.
Over the next few weeks I want to try to share some of those decisions that people made, that played such an important part in helping us continue living life.
I’ll start with a letter from a mom who is from my hometown in Morgantown, KY. Her letter said:
Brandy – Jeremy –
This is Jenel Brooks. I live in Morgantown, KY. I was asked to help in the benefit car show for Miss Ryman! My shop – New Life Taxidermy – donated a basket & gift certificate for the auction. My four year old daugter – Jenna – kept asking questions about the basket and the benefit. I tried to explain to her as best I could that the benifit was where people get together and give $ to people who need help. She was very concerned about Miss Ryman, but she was so puzzled about how a basket of stuff was going to help your baby girl get better. So, I told her that people were going to buy the baskets, and whoever was willing to give the most money would take the basket and the money would go to help you guys with whatever needs – she said she understood— Long story short, Jenna went to her room on her own and drew these pictures – Then, she opened her piggy bank and took out 2 one dollar bills. She asked me if it would be ok for her to send $2.00 to Baby Ryman to help her feel better. Tears in my eyes. So, I know $2.00 is nothing, but to my 4 year old Jenna, it’s a lot. I had to send this so you guys would know even the smallest of kids wants to help your baby girl! She prays (we pray) for Ryman to get well each day. God be with you!

Thank you Jennel and Jenna! We are so grateful and we hope that someday Ryman might be able to take $2 from her piggy bank and help a child feel better. Hers has definitely worked!
Love, The Little’s


The Ryman Project


Jeremy and I are very excited to tell you all about The Ryman Project.

A few weeks after Ryman was born I received a message from Brittnay Lane, a singer-songwriter here in Nashville, she had been following Ryman’s story through a mutual friend and had been praying for Ryman and our family. When we returned back to Nashville she quickly became one of our close friends and one of the people we call on to come hang out with Ryman. One night she came to watch Ryman so Jeremy and I could go to dinner and get some us time, which is very important for us to do, measuring out medicine together does not count as us time. Before we left she told us how much her life had been touched by Ryman and how much she had fallen in love with Ryman and her story. So much so that she had written a song for her and wanted to use her non-profit called Inspire Hope to do a project called The Ryman Project. We were so touched and so excited for the vision she had. Over the last 8 months we have watched it unfold piece by piece, yet another testimony to God’s faithfulness.

Inspire Hope is all about people using the gifts and talents that God has given them to help others. She has made some amazing things happen for people around the world through several projects completed through Inspire Hope. The Ryman Project is going to be one of those. She pulled together so many talented people who wanted to be a part of Ryman’s story in any way they could.
An amazingly talented producer, engineer, many artist and musicians, a videographer, a graphic designer, and the list goes on. They all wanted to help and be a part of making a difference through recording the song, Ryman’s Song, and creating a video for the world to see and get a chance to witness the miracles and blessings that God has given us. Jeremy even got to play bass on it while on one of his short visits back to Nashville during our long DC stay.

The video is on YouTube and the song can be purchased on iTunes & CD Baby. All proceeds will go to Ryman’s fund. We have been so blessed in that our financial need is not that great and we are really hoping to be able to use the proceeds to help in research of Urea Cycle Disorders, to help other families going through transplant and to help raise awareness of the importance of organ donation!

Help us spread the word of Ryman and what God has done and will continue to do through her! Share with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or just show them yourself.

You Can Watch the VIDEO Here:

The SONG is available to download on CD Baby or iTunes:

We can’t thank all of these folks enough for their time, love and passion that went into making this happen. Brittany Lane, Matt Campbell, Ben Boutwell, Ben Backus, Nathan Dantzler, Amy Vaughan, Dan Needham, Bradon Hood, Jeremy Little, Abbey Blake and the entire team who sang their hearts out for our little girl. To all those who help in any way at all and to you who will make the decision to download the song or pass along the video, we love you all!