Stuffed Animals!

I wanted to share the many stuffed animals that Ryman has gotten during this time. The picture below are the stuffed animals that she received from doctors and nurses. She recieved many others but I think its so amazing that this many came from doctors and nurses. Two owls from Dr. Fraizer, a Children’s Hospital bear from Dr. Cuzmano, a Barcelona bear from Dr. MacLeod that she got while at the genetics conference in Barcelona, a jelly cat bunny from Laura who was the genetics student who spent the first liver call day with us, a bear from the transplant nurses at Georgetown, a walrus from Chris, one of our favorite nurses at Children’s and her first one, the Ecmo lamb. Ecmo (yes, we named him Ecmo) was given to Ryman since she was an Ecmo patient, he has been with her every day and even sleeps in her crib with her, keeping an eye on her always. So thankful for all the love she received from those who cared for her medically. We know they are more than just doctors and nurses, they will always be a part of our lives and we are so grateful that Ryman was cared for by people who loved and cared for her so deeply. We love you guys and miss you!



2 thoughts on “Stuffed Animals!

  1. What an amazing miracle angel she is. We continue to ask God to watch over our Sweet Rye and her precious parents! I think about you guys getting to discovering so much each and every day, babies just grow and learn so fast. I smile with my whole heart when I her little chubby cheeks in the pics you post. Praise you Lord for ALL that you have done and continue to do daily! Hugs, Kisses, prayers and so much love to you guys everyday 😉

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