Day 285

Two hundred and eighty seven days ago it was a Monday evening and I was leaving my office. I guess Ryman and I actually left my office because she was still in my belly that evening. Little did I know that it would be a Monday 287 days later before I would be returning to work in the office. Today was great. Our dear friend Amy Is going to be keeping Ryman for us over the next few months. It made going back to work and leaving Ryman so much easier today. I was also welcomed back with a decorated cube. Balloons, streamers, signed banners and chocolate. I am so lucky to work with such thoughtful and amazing people. I hugged and kissed on Ryman lots this evening because I did miss her so much. But I feel like this is where we are suppose to be. Ryman going to Amy, me going to work, Jeremy playing bass and cooking us dinner (I am so lucky that he loves to cook), bath time, story time and some amazing cuddles. I can’t believe that in 80 days this little girl will be 1 year old. She is amazing and each day I thank God for giving me so many days with her. I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and thrive. Thank you Amy for loving our sweet girl and helping me be able to go to work without crying :).





One thought on “Day 285

  1. So amazingly thankful that Ryman is doing so well and life is returning to “normal”. Our continued prayers for your beautiful family. Bob and Bonita Cox (friends of Melissa and Jad Duncan)

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