Day 336 – Happy Hearts

Our hearts are happy tonight.
We got to do dinner with two of Ryman’s geneticist from DC, Dr. Lanpher and Dr. Cusmano. They have played such a big part in why Ryman is with us today and why she is doing so well. They were in town for a conference and we couldn’t wait to see them. Its so crazy to think that it was the first time they had seen Ryman outside of the hospital and they saw her lots so how great it felt to sit and have dinner with them in Nashville.
We were also excited today because Ryman gets to stop two of her meds! No more magnesium until next labs to see how she does and no more Valcyte (anti-viral). Ryman also decided that today would be the day she would try to do things by herself. She was dipping her spoon into the baby food and trying to eat it and tonight she wouldn’t let me feed her the bottle. She is getting so big.




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