Day 365 – Ryman’s 1st Birthday

It has come and almost gone now, Ryman’s first birthday! Her aunt Sara
and uncle Robert came to spend the day with us and I took off work to celebrate with her. She woke me up this morning by throwing her pacifier out of the crib and saying uh oh. I love listening to her in the mornings and watching her play in her crib on the monitor. It’s simply amazing at how much she is learning. She started the day with breakfast and then it was sugar time. A cupcake with icing and sprinkles to be exact. She didn’t know what to think when she first touched it and tried to eat the candle but as soon as she had a taste it was game over. Icing was everywhere and she officially became a sugar addict and she earned herself a morning bath. We got her dressed up and took her to the park to get a couple pictures in her cute, my first birthday onesie. When we got home I expected that she would take a nap but the sugar took over and she didn’t want to nap at all today.
We so got some amazing birthday news, DC called and everything looked great and they want us to stop the Lovenox blood thinner shots!!! STOP!!!i didn’t expect to get emotional but I cried when they told me to stop. I am so happy to not have to give my big girl any more shots!! It was out of love, to keep her safe and healthy, but man was it getting hard.
We also get to celebrate our great friends Jessica and Aaron. They get married tomorrow! So excited for them!
This was an amazing day to be followed up by another amazing day!








7 thoughts on “Day 365 – Ryman’s 1st Birthday

  1. Oh so lovely and sweet. Thanks for letting us see how wonderful she looks. It was my joy to pray for her the first year of her life. Happy Birthday Ryman

  2. Yeah!!!  No more shots everyday, what a fantastic Birthday gift !!!! Great pictures of two beautiful girls. Happy birthday Ryman. What a wonderful Blessing Brandy, love you guys. Millie

  3. I’m so happy for y’all. Your family is a perfect example of God’s grace & miracles!
    The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

    Melissa Cardwell
    Butler Co. Circuit Clerk
    P.O. Box 625, Morgantown, KY 42261

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS! And happy no more shots day Mommy and Daddy, I know that won’t be missed. We love you guys and are still praying for Rye as well as you and Jeremy. I know it is hard when he is away, but a man has to work, lol. So proud that he is getting this opertunity! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to finally see Rye before long, since she doesn’t have to be overly protected now. She is simply beautiful and perfect! love ya Hun, kisses, hugs and Prayers

  5. So much Happiness! Beautiful Ryman and Beautiful Mommy! What a blessed Happy Birthday! We are so thankful for her life – she is already a Blessing to us All! God Is Good All The Time! We love you!

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