Dear Ryman.

Dear Ryman,

Hi, this is your mom, you are a handful.
However, you are pretty dang awesome and I love watching you grow. I really can’t believe that you are 1 and that you are so close to being 13 months old. You had a great 1st birthday party, although I wasn’t feeling to great from what I think was some sort of bug you passed me. I think there will be many more of those in my future and you know what, I don’t even care. You tried eating the cake without using your hands, I loved the blue icing but your dad says you look like a clown in the pictures. Sorry about that. Since your first birthday you have been learning so much. You started crawling, which is such a big deal. Your aunt Sara starting crying in public when she saw the video I posted on Instagram. I wonder if Instagram will still exist when you are old enough to read and understand this? You might hate us for posting so many pictures of you for the world too see, we just want everyone else to know how awesome you are. You have also been pulling yourself up on things and standing. You say uh-oh very clearly. You know what it means but you create situations in which to say it. Holding your sippy cup out off the highchair, looking at me while I say no and then dropping it on the floor anyway is not the correct use of uh-oh. Uh-oh’s are for when you don’t do things on purpose. We think you are saying doggie and kitty cat, you love petting the dogs (or me on occasion) and saying good girl. You give the best kisses, sometimes to the dogs and keeping you away from potentially sick strangers is becoming more difficult because you are always waving at them. People are just drawn to you and your smile brightens their day. I can’t go anywhere without people trying to stop and talk to you or someone telling me that you are beautiful. It’s hard not to say, you would think she was even more precious if you knew her and her strength. I love that you will be able to share your story with others, I hope you know that you are a very special little girl. Special in the most amazing way, you are God’s gift to us. Your dad and I get to be your parents. How lucky are we? If you have sit down to read this thing your parents wrote about you when you were born and you are wondering why we slacked off after we got home from DC we can explain. It wasn’t because you didn’t do things we wanted to share with everyone. It wasn’t because we didn’t have time. It was because in this day to day world, we forget that you aren’t just a ‘normal’ kid. We forget in the sense that we don’t feel like there is anything to be worried about. God has shown us what great faith and prayer can do. We are not going to live in fear of the what ifs. We are going to live in the now. No need to worry about what isn’t. We will try to enjoy every day we are alive to the fullest. We will stumble but this one thing I can promise you, we will love you unconditionally always.

Your mom.










5 thoughts on “Dear Ryman.

  1. The many memories that I know she will enjoy when she gets older. You need to frame your letter for her. Love to all!

  2. Oh gosh… I have tears streaming down my cheeks! This letter is so precious! And your sweet girl is so beautiful… And you and Jeremy are SO special! God is GOOD. Love you guys……. M

  3. She is so truely an angel, Brandy! If she is anything like you at that age, I understand how people are drawn to her charm from near and far. Our lives are ever changing and once we become parents, it seems to fly by at hyperspeed. I miss seeing pictures and reading updates about Rye, you and Jere, but I understand and encourage you guys to move forward and enjoy each moment of your “normal” life. And I told you that once that little fighter got on her feet, you’de better be prepared to TRY to keep up with her! PS: What is normal like, lol. Love you guys sososo much

  4. This made me cry. I can not believe my eyes at the changes and how much she has grown! Even though we are distant cousins I still feel this pull to you Rye!! I show your pictures to my son who is 2 and a half. i hope some day you guys get to meet!
    ❤ Alicia Phelps Rodriguez

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