14 months and 6 days old.

Thank You God for giving us this day! Today is the day, Ryman is officially walking! I really can’t even put into words the emotions we are feeling. We are proud, joyful, feeling so blessed, amazed and just so so excited. We posted videos on Instagram and ill post on Facebook if you want to see her in action. Love you all.



Ryman at the Ryman

I am headed to Mexico to hang out with Jeremy! He is already there for work, I’m pretty darn excited to get to him, even though I missed my flight. Apparently American Airlines isn’t as efficient as Southwest. Only two people checking people in and multiple people missed the flight. I’m not going to let that get me down. Maybe it happened for a reason. Like now I have time to write a post and share some amazing pictures. We have always wanted to have Ryman’s one year pictures taken at the Ryman. Thanks to Matt Singleton and Lee Steffen for making it possible. I am going to miss her so much while I am fine. Thank you Amy and Wes for taking care of Ryman for us, it helps me feel so at ease. I did shed a couple tears this morning, but am so looking forward to getting some time with Jeremy.

Here it is:
Ryman’s debut at The Ryman.











Happy Father’s Day!

I think he has taken more pictures with her than he has with me in the entire eight years we have known each other. I love him for it! I could not ask for a better husband for me or a better father for Ryman. He loves us so well and shows it daily. We love you so much! Happy Fathers Day Jeremy! We are so lucky and blessed to have you!











Sawyer Eli Calton

Hi friends. Sawyer, the little boy born and admitted to Vandy the same week as Ryman who also has CPS1 is preparing for his liver transplant. Sawyer has been managed by his diet for the past year, but now he is starting to show signs that his body is needing more protein then he can actually eat. Too much protein means risk of elevated ammonia levels and too little means the risk of not growing. Your body just can’t thrive and grow without enough protein. Please like his page and follow his journey at Sawyer’s Journey. They are having a golf tournament to help raise funds. The family will be traveling to Cincinnati for his transplant and will have to stay there for a while after. Just as we did in DC. Sawyers mom and I have become friends and she has been someone for me to talk too. A mom who knows exactly what I mean when I say words like Citrulline, Cyclinex, and Prophree. I really don’t think its anything other than God when you have two children almost the same exact age with such a rare disorder at the same hospital. I mean, guys, the chances of that happening ever again are really really slim. If you can’t help out or attend I plan on setting up a donation site soon. Sawyer already has lots of hospital bills and the medication he has to have is very expensive. The family will need money for food, travel and lodging as well. As
we know, Ryman’s transplants were over a million dollars. So we can assume one is around the $500,000 range. Insurance will cover a percentage but they will be responsible for a pretty big chunk of that. A family should not have to stress about finances when dealing with a sick child. Please help out if you can. Prayers are greatly appreciated! I will let you know once I get the site set up if you would like to donate. Much love, B.
Sawyer Eli Calton and Ryman Ali Little