Ryman at the Ryman

I am headed to Mexico to hang out with Jeremy! He is already there for work, I’m pretty darn excited to get to him, even though I missed my flight. Apparently American Airlines isn’t as efficient as Southwest. Only two people checking people in and multiple people missed the flight. I’m not going to let that get me down. Maybe it happened for a reason. Like now I have time to write a post and share some amazing pictures. We have always wanted to have Ryman’s one year pictures taken at the Ryman. Thanks to Matt Singleton and Lee Steffen for making it possible. I am going to miss her so much while I am fine. Thank you Amy and Wes for taking care of Ryman for us, it helps me feel so at ease. I did shed a couple tears this morning, but am so looking forward to getting some time with Jeremy.

Here it is:
Ryman’s debut at The Ryman.












6 thoughts on “Ryman at the Ryman

  1. Pictures are so precious! What a beautiful little girl. Pray for safe travels and a wonderful time, so deserving!

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