463 days biopsy time

First off it’s really weird to back in a hospital.  Nice reminder how lucky we have been during the past 10 months.  Rye has been a champ and we have been super blessed with very little to no problems.  We even started to treat her like a normal kid.  This is just a reminder to us that she was a very sick little girl not that long ago.    

The last 2 days we have had some bad lab numbers.   Due to this we are getting admitted to Vanderbilt to do a liver biopsy.  The team believes that we are in acute liver rejections.  Yes this sounds very very scary but we are told that it’s fairly common within first year of transplant.  If it is rejection we will spend the next 5-8 days admitted so we can get IV steroids.  We hope to have a 100% diagnosis by around 5 today.  We are expecting lots of labs over the next few weeks so we are having a Picc line put back in.  BOOOOOOOOOOO.  This sucks but we know it’s best for getting usable samples and keeping Rye safe.  


We’ll keep y’all posted.  



7 thoughts on “463 days biopsy time

  1. It stinks to read this but I find comfort in the fact that it’s a common thing. Having Vandy on the case is truly a blessing.

  2. Sweet Ryman is in my prayers big time! God has been so faithful and He will continue to supply a all your needs. My love to you all!

  3. Praying that all tests are good and that you can be at home this weekend to enjoy Ms. Sweet Ryman. She truly is a blessing!!

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