Well…… Like we expected we are in liver rejection.  Starting IV steroids in the next few minutes.  They believe we caught this very early and that we should have a handle on it in the next 3 days.  This is all subject to change if Rye’s system plays hard to get.   We appreciate all y’alls calls and text and willingness to help.  Brandy’s sister and my sister are here helping tonight.  We’ll keep y’all posted with updates.  





10 thoughts on “THE RESULTS

  1. Love and prayers for Rye’s quick response to treatment. Prayers for each of you there. Waiting is difficult, and keeping her happy and comfortable in difficult circumstances can’t be easy. Glad the sisters are there to help. You are blessed with strong support from family and friends loving you, and willing to help you, and above all we are praying for you.

  2. Lord- May your PEACE and HEALING come once again for Precious Ryman- in your Name JESUS! Loving you and Praying much!

  3. All of us on 7 East in at Children’s in DC are keeping Rye and Brandi and you in our prayers. We love you guys tons am will keep sending you positive thoughts.

  4. So sorry this precious doll has to go thru any of this!! Praying for Ryman and for the family that God will touch her and heal her completely from this bump in the road!!

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