Hurry up and wait.

I’ve always liked that saying. Jeremy uses it to describe to me what he does on the road. Hospital life can be described the same way. Nothing new developed yesterday other than we got her ears and nose checked and they were all good. Stool samples were taken to check for other forms of viruses. Liver numbers continued to go down but GGT went up and Alkaline Phosphate stayed about the same. My dad, stepmom, sister and brother in law came to visit which helped break up the day, Patti and I got to witness steroid Ryman again except after her complete and utter meltdown she pushed her toy all around the unit laughing and grunting hysterically. We think she was a little delirious since she hasn’t been getting much good rest. She ate great again and even got in her full 16oz of milk. Its kind if crazy because over the last two days she has really started trying to communicate what she wants. Pointing and trying to say stuff when she is hungry. I think she is actually getting the steroid munchies because she will go get her cereal bar box and bring it to us. Praying that her numbers continue improving and we figure out the root of the GGT/ALP issue.






One thought on “Hurry up and wait.

  1. What sweet Pappaw pics! I’m sure that he can give you some words of encouragement, having gone thru years of hospital chaos with Sara. And just look at her now! Just take each day for what it is, soak up her smiles, laughs, screams and each snuggle moment you get. This last year should prove how fast time slips past. We love you Hun, miss you so much and pray an extra prayer for each of you everyday . Love on Baby Girl for me, she’s such a beautiful baby.And take care of yourself, that’s very important.

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