Our downtown apartment.

We finally got a room at around 1pm today. Ryman’s ultrasound came back normal. No blockages. They took blood cultures from the line to see if anything grows. They will not pull the line unless something major comes back. We are still unsure if the vomiting and fever are related to the Norovirus or if Ryman has picked up another virus. Her temp went up to 104.1 this morning but has stayed lower after the second dose of Tylenol. Not sure how long they will want to watch her. Thank you everyone for the continued prayers that Ryman can kick this stuff.
So much love, B.




One thought on “Our downtown apartment.

  1. We were just thinking about y’all today. Shelley from Trust for Life was here for training & I was updating her. Hope all is well real soon!!
    She asked if y’all had corresponded with the donor families any?

    Melissa Cardwell
    Butler Co. Circuit Clerk
    P.O. Box 625, Morgantown, KY 42261

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