Liver Biopsy Número Dose

The past two weeks Ryman hasn’t been herself. Irritable, fussy and just all together blah. We were admitted last Monday and spent 3 days inpatient with an IV in her foot, which was not fun. She had to have a blood transfusion on Tuesday and we got no real answers but she seemed a little better. After a rough weekend and elevated liver numbers she had a liver biopsy today. Just talked to the doctor and he said it went great. They actually went in through her jugular vein in her neck and all the way down the vien right into the liver and took a tiny piece of tissue. Youngest person he has ever done this technique on. It lowers the risk of bleeding. We should get to go back to soon and see her. Hopefully find out results in a couple hours. Prayers for answers.




2 thoughts on “Liver Biopsy Número Dose

  1. Lord we call upon you to continue to bring strength~ healing~ and comfort to Ryman and her Mommy and Daddy’s~ we thank YOU So Much for Ryman’s life and the Precious little girl she is! Lord Thank You for Ryman’s doctors and for their care~ give them Wisdom. We put our TRUST in YOU JESUS ~ knowing YOU LOVE RYMAN and are Holding her in YOUR ARMS. May Your Peace Guard everyone’s hearts and Minds- and Your JOY be Strength to all~

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