Preliminary Results

Preliminary report is saying it is not rejection! We will know more tomorrow or Thursday about the definite call. So this means that we are probably dealing with some sort of infection. I’m sure they will run more test and there is talks of doing a bone marrow aspiration (the go through the bone and into the marrow and remove some fluid and cells) to look for infection. I’m thinking they may start some broad spectrum antibiotics tomorrow but we shall see. Its crazy when you are excited about an infection. But infection is better than rejection! Hopefully we can lower her immune suppression some and let her fight this nasty thing. 4 months and counting now. No wonder she is so exhausted. Imagine having a stomach virus for 4 months. I would be cranky too. We really just want to see our silly happy girl again. We have so much FAITH that she will be back soon. Goodnight.
So much love, Ryman’s mommy.



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