Ryman is currently getting a PICC line. The IV has worked great but for the 2 weeks of IV antibiotics she will need the lines needs to be a more long term stable one. She had a rough night on Saturday. She kept spiking a fever every 6 hours and seemed to feel worse. Her blood count continued to drop so she had another transfusion last night. It is likely that all of these symptoms are from the Histoplasmosis. She got her second dose of the IV antibiotic last night and her fever spread to 10 hours. She slept great last night and hasn’t had a fever since 4pm. However her sugar was 306 this morning, so not sure what that is about. Potentially from all the IV fluids she received over night. They were going to recheck it while she is out for the PICC. I got to hold her as they pushed the medication into ghee IV to make her fall asleep. Its crazy how fast that stuff works. Her eyes rolled back and she was out. Hopefully its a good nap. There were talks of Ryman being flown back to Georgetown today if she did not improve and the fevers persisted. We are hopefully that she will feel much better today and that we will be able to stay her for treatment but we are willing to do anything we need to get her better. We should know more later today and I will update. Prayers that this antibiotic is doing its job. She also got a shot in her thigh last night of a medication that is suppose to help boost her bodies ability to make white blood cells. Prayers that it works and she can fight this thing fast.




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