We hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving! We turned Ryman’s hospital crib into a Cracker Barrel buffet. It was perfect! Ryman will be having an upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy today. Not fun but definitely needed. She did end up having one blood transfusion on Wednesday night but her numbers have been good since then. They can measure the amount of histo in her urine and when we came in she was above the max detectable limit of 19. After starting the antibiotics she was down to 18 and last week it was 10.5. Hoping for a much lower number this week but moving in the right direction. We have definitely seen some improvement in her demeanor and more smiles then we have in a while. Her main issue now has been her stomach. Her intestines continue to fill with she until her stomach is so distended and hard that she is in pain. The only thing that helps is making her walk which is not pleasant since she screams in pain the entire time. We are praying that the scope gives us more answers as to what is causing this. It could be the histo, a good intolerance, celiacs or something else. They will do a biopsy during the scope to check for all of these things. Yesterday was her first day in a lactose free diet and her stomach didn’t balloon up. Could have just been a coincidence but this scope will tell us for sure.
Love you all and will keep you updated on how today goes.







One thought on “Scope

  1. Lord, please bless this little child and her Parents! We are truly Thankful for bringer her through all the medical set backs and procedures in the past, we ask that you continue to comfort and protect this child! We ask for a early recovery, to let this family have the peace of knowing without any doubt that you are in control! We ask these things through the Blessed Name of Your Child & Are King, Priest & Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen!!

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