Two more weeks.

As of this morning we thought we might be going home on Friday but the pathology report from the scope wasn’t in our favor and it looks like we will be here for two more weeks. They believe the histo is also in her GI track but are sending the slides to georgetown for their opinion. The cultures will take a week or more to grow the fungus to verify that way so we will continue treating with the IV antibiotic for another two weeks. On a good note, Ryman is definitely feeling better! She was out roaming with her push toy today and trying to run over the nurses feet. Her personality is coming back and we have had way more happy Rye. Jeremy is determined to talk the doctors into letting us do this antibiotic from home and just come in for labs everyday but I’m not so sure they are going to go for it. The antibiotic is extremely hard on your kidneys and Ryman’s electrolytes have been all over the place. Her potassium has been the hardest to control. It has been too low so we have been giving her IV and oral doses. The problem is that too low is dangerous but two high is even more dangerous. So the ability to keep. close eye on it is the main factor in her staying in patient for the medication. But the most important thing is how Ryman is doing and currently she is on the mend. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Ryman and our family. It’s been a long hospital stay and its tough to hear that we may only be halfway there but I know that these doctors and this hospital is what have made her be able to laugh, play and feel so much better so it makes things a little bit easier. They really are a great group of people and we continue to be amazed at how great out nurses have been. Actually from day one at every hospital we have been at we have been blessed with so many new friendships and people who love and care for Ryman so well. So truly blessed for this.




One thought on “Two more weeks.

  1. I wish I Could make things work faster, and go away, but I can’t, but I can lift each of you up daily in prayer for strength, peace, encouragement and blessings for the day. Much love and prayers!!!!! I pray for those making medical decisions for Ryman too!!!!!!

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