December DC Trip

It’s been a long couple days. I didn’t get a chance to update because I was vomiting yesterday. We are back in the hospital due to Ryman having some viral symptoms. I ended up having the virus yesterday and we found out this morning that she tested positive for Rotavirus. If you are not familiar with Rotavirus it’s probably because kids are vaccinated for it now and therefore you don’t see it as much. It’s one of those viruses that your body can build good antibodies for and each time you are infected you are usually less symptomatic. It was the one vaccine that was partially live before transplant so she couldn’t get it, boo. I did get it but only vomited twice and felt bad for the rest of tr day. Poor Ryman is going on day 5 of it. Her blood culture also grew a bacteria but it looks like it could be a contaminant. So we just redid blood cultures today to make sure. We are definitely going to georgetown but are having to wait on figuring out transport tomorrow. At this point Ryman has been sick for so long that it’s time for her transplant team to treat her in person. We owe them a trip anyway for her one year transplant follow up (which was in September). Of course she has to be fancy and try to get a private jet ride there again. We aren’t sure how long this stay will be. It could be 2 weeks or 6 weeks. It will all be based on how well she does. Big thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. We couldn’t do this without you guys. So much love!







Foot picture by Ryman :).


2 thoughts on “December DC Trip

  1. So sorry Ryman is having such a rough go of it. Praying the team gets her body built back up so she’ll be enjoying the holidays. She is so lucky God gave her parents with such big hearts of love.

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