Ryman’s Story.

A story for Miriam.

My coworkers daughter loves reading about ryman and praying for her. It has been a long time since I have written a blog and I got to meet Miriam recently. I thought I would give her some new pictures and a story of what Ryman has been up to lately.

Ryman has been learning so much. She did have to get glasses about a month ago because her doctors discovered that she can’t see things close up very well. So the glasses will help her to see and allow her to focus on learning new things. She is learning so many new worlds too. My favorite new word she says is purple. She says it in the cutest way. She also says Eww and holds her nose when I ask her to take her diaper to the trash. I think she knows we laugh at her so she keeps doing it. She is such a ham and anytime we FaceTime someone she tries to be really silly and make them laugh. She waves at everyone and blows kisses to strangers. She isn’t shy at all. She had to stay in the hospital again last month because she had a fever which ended up being cause by pneumonia. She took lots of medicines that made her get better and yesterday we found out that the medicine did work and her lungs look great. She got her big cheeks again from the steroid medicine, we think she looks so cute with them. Especially with her new glasses. She is going to be 2 years old very soon. Such a big girl. We can’t wait to come play with you Mariam. Thank you for praying that Ryman feels better when she is sick. We love you. Goodnight, sweet dreams. 































2 thoughts on “Ryman’s Story.

  1. Love this!!! I check the blog every day still and love to see updates! Can’t believe how big she’s gotten!! ❤

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