Ryman is 2

Ryman is 2! Her second birthday has come and gone but the celebration isn’t over yet. She started her birthday morning with getting her picc line pulled. We were on the fence about pulling it since her prograf was still undetectable and her liver numbers were on the high side of normal. After hours of debating and talking with her transplant doctor we decided that we should go ahead and pull this one before we end up with another blood infection. I felt like sticking her once a week would be better than a week in the hospital with a long course of IV antibiotics and a stick for every time they needed blood cultures. So we will repeat labs on Wednesday, praying they are great and we can start spacing out the labs. Tiffany also took Rye for some birthday ice cream and she was a big fan. Ryman turning 2 is a pretty big deal, but we decided to go ahead and make this the most amazing year yet and buy a new house! Yes, a new house. We close and move on Monday and will be moving into a house with 3 bedrooms, a garage and more space. No more sleeping in the living room for our family and friends. It’s pretty bitter sweet, we love our townhome, and it’s where we created so many memories. We got both dogs here, we house friends during times of need, we had many patio nights, I told Jeremy I was pregnant here, we brought Ryman home here, it’s her first nursery and I know I’m being a total sap right now but it’s crazy to think about leaving this place. I know we will create many more new memories and have lots of first at our new house though. So the weekend continued with Aunt Coco coming to help us finish up packing last night and got so much stuff done for me, she is a super star. She also painted Ryman’s toes and helped us celebrate Rye turning 2. Mexican food, a sombrero and a cupcake lead up to the first actual bath she has had in 2 months. It was a great birthday overall, or at least I would have taken that day for mine. Rye slept in and we had donuts this morning before Nicole had to head back to Florida. My dad and step-mom came down to visit and she had a blast trying to show off and was such a ham for them. This afternoon we went to a crawfish boil at our friend’s house and Ryman even tried one. We ended the night with another bath and she is out cold. I don’t’ think we could ask for a better birthday weekend. Well, except that we wish that Jeremy could be here too. Sara and Robert are coming to visit tomorrow so the celebreation will continue. I feel beyond blessed to me her momma and I can’t wait for this next year with her. I love you Ryman!

The birthday girl:







Our new home!



April 23rd

How is tomorrow April 23rd already? On the 23rd two years ago I went in for our ultrasound to check on Ryman since she wasn’t measuring where she should be. Little did I know that later that day I would be induced and at 12:01am on April 24, 2013 we would meet our little miracle. One year ago on the 23rd I received a phone call that Ryman could stop her Lovenox. If you remember those were the blood thinner shots that we had to give her twice a day in her thighs. The deep bruises are still slighlty there a year later. Those shots were no fun. I cried on the phone when the nurse told me that the surgeons were comfortable stopping them. We had expected a year of the shots and instead had to only do 7 months. I was so emotional and didn’t even realize that I would be. It was an awesome day early birthday present for Ryman. I am hoping tomorrow proves April 23rd to be Rye’s lucky day :). Labs tomorrow and potential of the PICC line coming out. Praying hard. 

Big girl news: Ryman has decided that she wants to pee in the potty every morning. We are on day 4 straight of her going in the morning. She says “yay, did it”. The first time I’ve heard her say anything resembling more than one word. Praising God for such a miracle.

Pig tails and cheese.  

Daddies home. 

Mommies glasses and keyboard dance time.


Oh you know, just going to drive my car.



Tiffany ask if she just pooped her pants, she got this face.   

Numbers Report

Well it looks like we will have the PIcc line for another week. This isn’t A bad thing, her liver numbers were amazing. However, her Prograf level was undetectable. Which means she was probably running for a little while without any Prograf in her system. We don’t want this because the risk of rejection increases when no immune suppression is on board. So we’re going up to 0.7 ML’s but staying at every other day. We will recheck next week before her fourth dose of this amount. So were looking at Thursday for her next check on numbers which means she could be getting her PICC line out and a bubble bath for her birthday! Yeah, I can’t believe it either, she’s going to be two next Friday!!! God is so good. Love you all and thank you for the continued prayers. 

Also prayers for Poppy who had knee surgery today and will have a long 4-5 week recovery. Ryman said Poppy, you can come let me sleep on you some more while you can’t walk :). As long as you aren’t wearing any stickers! (Funny story, after this picture they slept so hard that the name badge somehow   Got stuck to back of Ryman’s hair, we had a panic moment and now we laugh about it).


  We had a got to celebrate good liver numbers with Grandma Sherry (GG) and dinner tonight. This girl loves some Broccoli!     “Two.”   


Ryman has labs today and they are pretty important ones. If all her numbers are good and her  Prograf levels are where they should be, she will be able to have her PICC line taken out! You know what that means, she can get a much need bath with bubbles and all. Since the line is her her leg and can’t get wet we have been doing sponge baths for two months. She is not a fan of getting them and I am not a fan of giving them. Even more exciting would be the fact that we wouldn’t have to get labs checked again for 4 weeks!! Guys, I don’t think we ever made it to monthly lab draws before. Or even if we did it was maybe one month. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Scary because we are still only giving Ryman a 0.25mg dose of Prograf every 48 hours so her body can fight the histoplasmosis. One dose every other day! It’s amazing to think that she may not need to be as immune suppressed but so scary to think that her body at any moment could realize that her liver is not originally part of the body and begin to fight it, aka rejection. I’m holding on to the faith that God has a plan for Ryman and everything is going to be okay.  

 Yesterday was a year since my papaw Jay past. He was always making some kind of deal, owning an auction house, a store, a pawn shop, selling cars. You name it and he probably did it at some point in his life.  I am pretty sure he is up there making deals still :). Ryman has some amazing guardian angels.