Ryman has labs today and they are pretty important ones. If all her numbers are good and her  Prograf levels are where they should be, she will be able to have her PICC line taken out! You know what that means, she can get a much need bath with bubbles and all. Since the line is her her leg and can’t get wet we have been doing sponge baths for two months. She is not a fan of getting them and I am not a fan of giving them. Even more exciting would be the fact that we wouldn’t have to get labs checked again for 4 weeks!! Guys, I don’t think we ever made it to monthly lab draws before. Or even if we did it was maybe one month. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Scary because we are still only giving Ryman a 0.25mg dose of Prograf every 48 hours so her body can fight the histoplasmosis. One dose every other day! It’s amazing to think that she may not need to be as immune suppressed but so scary to think that her body at any moment could realize that her liver is not originally part of the body and begin to fight it, aka rejection. I’m holding on to the faith that God has a plan for Ryman and everything is going to be okay.  

 Yesterday was a year since my papaw Jay past. He was always making some kind of deal, owning an auction house, a store, a pawn shop, selling cars. You name it and he probably did it at some point in his life.  I am pretty sure he is up there making deals still :). Ryman has some amazing guardian angels. 







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