Ryman is 3!

Here we are, April 24, 2016, day 1097 of life and somewhere around hour 26,328. To say this past year has been amazing when it comes to Ryman and her health is an understatement. (Hold on one second…knocking on wood) We haven’t had a hospital stay since Feb of last year, guys that’s over a year! This is such a huge deal. Ryman still gets monthly labs, sometimes a couple times a month depending on medication levels. Jeremy actually took her to labs on Wednesday and her numbers were all completely normal. Honestly they are probably better than ours. She is the funniest person I know and she makes Jeremy and I so proud every single day. Thank you God for this blessing, thank you for allowing us to be her parents. Thank you for giving us another day with her. We cherish each one of them and know that there are two sets of parents out there who didn’t get to celebrate a third birthday with their children this year. So today we celebrated Ryman but also the lives that ended and allowed Ryman to continue to grown into the smart, beautiful, full of life little girl that she is. Thank you all for loving us and loving her so well. I’ll leave you with some pictures from the past year. Happy 3rd Birthday our sweet Ryman Ali!