Numbers Report

Well it looks like we will have the PIcc line for another week. This isn’t A bad thing, her liver numbers were amazing. However, her Prograf level was undetectable. Which means she was probably running for a little while without any Prograf in her system. We don’t want this because the risk of rejection increases when no immune suppression is on board. So we’re going up to 0.7 ML’s but staying at every other day. We will recheck next week before her fourth dose of this amount. So were looking at Thursday for her next check on numbers which means she could be getting her PICC line out and a bubble bath for her birthday! Yeah, I can’t believe it either, she’s going to be two next Friday!!! God is so good. Love you all and thank you for the continued prayers. 

Also prayers for Poppy who had knee surgery today and will have a long 4-5 week recovery. Ryman said Poppy, you can come let me sleep on you some more while you can’t walk :). As long as you aren’t wearing any stickers! (Funny story, after this picture they slept so hard that the name badge somehow   Got stuck to back of Ryman’s hair, we had a panic moment and now we laugh about it).


  We had a got to celebrate good liver numbers with Grandma Sherry (GG) and dinner tonight. This girl loves some Broccoli!     “Two.”   


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