April 23rd

How is tomorrow April 23rd already? On the 23rd two years ago I went in for our ultrasound to check on Ryman since she wasn’t measuring where she should be. Little did I know that later that day I would be induced and at 12:01am on April 24, 2013 we would meet our little miracle. One year ago on the 23rd I received a phone call that Ryman could stop her Lovenox. If you remember those were the blood thinner shots that we had to give her twice a day in her thighs. The deep bruises are still slighlty there a year later. Those shots were no fun. I cried on the phone when the nurse told me that the surgeons were comfortable stopping them. We had expected a year of the shots and instead had to only do 7 months. I was so emotional and didn’t even realize that I would be. It was an awesome day early birthday present for Ryman. I am hoping tomorrow proves April 23rd to be Rye’s lucky day :). Labs tomorrow and potential of the PICC line coming out. Praying hard. 

Big girl news: Ryman has decided that she wants to pee in the potty every morning. We are on day 4 straight of her going in the morning. She says “yay, did it”. The first time I’ve heard her say anything resembling more than one word. Praising God for such a miracle.

Pig tails and cheese.  

Daddies home. 

Mommies glasses and keyboard dance time.


Oh you know, just going to drive my car.



Tiffany ask if she just pooped her pants, she got this face.   


2 thoughts on “April 23rd

  1. I enjoy reading your updates on this precious miracle! May God continue to Bless you all and sweet Ryman.

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